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Super Sam 125 Tile


Super SAM® 125 is a premium, 125 mil thick (approximately 1/8"), self adhering, sound deadening sheet membrane for use over 6" or 8" concrete slabs without a sound rated ceiling assembly. 



Super SAM® 125 exceeds ANSI A118.10, A118.12, A118.13 specifications and meets and exceeds industry standards for IIC and STC classifications. 

Super SAM® 125 is the most effective "all-in-one" membrane on the market.


Super Sam 125 Tile Soundproofing 

• Sound abatement over 6” & 8” concrete slabs and a variety of wood substrates


• IIC 51, STC 54, ΔIIC 22 on a 6" concrete slab 


• Protects against reflective cracking and delamination 


• Reduces live and dead load failures 


• Safely covers asbestos flooring and provides an effective  barrier against radon and mold


• Resists Moisture Vapor  Transmission (MVT) 10#/1000SF/24HRS when used with NAC TAC

   or NS97 Primer or 7#/1000SF/24HRS when used with NAC TAC II  Primer 


• Eliminates need to cut tile to meet control/cold joints 


• No need to remove old floors or recess new ones 


• Can be used for medium applications 


• Self-bonding and self-healing formula 


• Tile can be installed the same day    as membrane 


• Works with radiant-heated floors and tile warming systems 


. Super SAM® 125 is available in 3'x50' rolls (150 sq. ft.)

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