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Steico Wood Fiber Underlayment

Eclipse II Underlayment


  • Reduces floor noise by providing excellent sound absorption

  • Provides cushioned comfort under laminate and floating wood floors

  • The Eclipse II has high density and compression resistance properties that enable your floor to perform to its fullest potential and last a lifetime

  • The moisture barrier film and tape strip combine to lock out moisture and allow for quick and easy installation

  • Eliminates minor subfloor imperfections

  • The Eclipse II adds insulation value with an R-value of .29

  • Suitable for use with radiant heat flooring systems

  • 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, non allergenic and odorless


  1. Subfloor surface must be clean and dry before installation.

  2. Start on a corner of room wall. Unroll Eclipse II underlayment (film side down) over the subfloor. 
    Be sure tape strip side is next to the wall and overlapping film lip is toward the open room.

  3. Roll out next row in the same manner butting foam close to first row and covering overlapping plastic film lip. 
    Do not overlap foam pad just the overlapping plastic film lip.

  4. Remove tape liner and secure the overlapping plastic film lip to it. Continue with installation. 
    Seal all open seams with aggressive adhesive plastic tape.

  5. Install flooring per manufacturer's instructions.


Eclipse II Underlayment

  • Thickness — .070” 

  • Weight — 5.5 lbs per roll 

  • Moisture Protection — closed cell foam 

  • Thermal Resistance — R-Value .29 

  • Compression Resistance ASTM D3575 — 21.1 psi 

  • Compression Set ASTM D3574 — 16.3%

  • Sound Absorption Properties: Impact Insulation Class (IIC) This method is to measure the impact sound transmission performance of a floor-ceiling assembly (sound transmission through the floor) 

  • IIC Flooring Sub-Floor

  • 72 Laminate 6" concrete with ceiling assembly

  • 72 Engineered Wood6” concrete with ceiling assembly

  • 66 WPC 6” concrete with ceiling assembly

  • 53 WPC 6” concrete NO ceiling assembly

  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) This method is to measure the air-borne sound insolating property of a partition element for effectiveness in blocking sound

  • STC Flooring Sub-Floor

  • 66 Laminate 6” concrete with ceiling assembly

  • 66 Engineered Wood 6” concrete with ceiling assembly

  • 60 WPC6” concrete with ceiling assembly

  • 50 WPC6” concrete NO ceiling assembly

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